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Construx, Your Partner in Precast Moulds and On-Site Formwork 

Shaping the Future of Concrete

Construx is an engineering-driven manufacturing company relying on the commitment, creativity and experience of its employees. Their aim is to establish a partnership, rather than to be a supplier, in providing turnkey solutions for precast and on-site formwork issues. With this newsletter, we would like to share you on a frequently base a glance of the latest products or projects we've launched.
Self-reacting Frames

Construx recently supplied 4 multifunctional prestressing lines for the CD20 floor slab system.
PLC-controlled Flexcaster
Northern Ireland

Brand new Flexcaster stair mould of which the risers and goings can be adjusted by using a touch screen.

More information on Flexcaster Stair Moulds
Hydraulically Operated Retaining Wall Mould

Opening and closing as well as locking and unlocking are done hydraulically.

More information on Retaining Wall Moulds
Bench Mould

Very meticulously finished mould for manufacturing concrete benches.

More information on Moulds for Architectural Concrete Elements
Multibox Mould

Hydraulically retractable mould for box-culverts.

More information on Multibox Moulds
Substation Mould

Made to measure mould for electrical substations.

More information on Substation Moulds
Tank Element Moulds

Non-reacting moulds for curved prestressed water tank elements.

More information on Moulds for Prestressed Elements
Hollow Core Lifting Clamps

Spreader beams with clamps to lift 2,4m and 1,2m wide hollow core elements.

More information on Spreader Beams and Lifting Gear
Multibat Beam Mould

Manually movable battery mould for precast beams and columns.

More information on Multibat Moulds
Tilting Tables

Articulating frames for tilting tables.

More information on Table Forms
More about the Construx Products and Projects
Construx (Head Office)
Hazebeekstraat 11
8531 Hulste
+32 56 72 47 93

Construx is a forerunner in the concrete industry. Hereby we would like to share you on a frequently base a glance of the latest products or projects we've launched.  

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