Meet Construx @ ICCX in St. Petersburg, Russia

Opening hours:

 December 7-10, 2021  Visitors
 Tuesday–Friday  09:00 – 18:00

Our Sales Managers, Mr. Thomas Wunder and Mr. Oleg Gerasimov will be pleased to give you more information about the Construx solutions and products as for example:  

  • Flexbox: Adjustable mould to produce single or double lift shafts, stair cores and box culverts, without ties through the concrete element
  • Multifunctional 1500T self-reacting bed with open structure to accommodate moulds for sleepers, bridge beams or any other type of prestressed element
  • PLC controlled Flexcaster stair mould, risers and goings can be adjusted only by using a touch screen

Construx is one of Europe’s leading mould makers for precast plants and on site use. Construx is a forerunner in the concrete industry which generates great opportunities in discovering new methods, new processes and new technologies. Designing and producing things no one has done before.