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Hydraulically movable bibat battery mould for precast reinforced concrete beams and columns

A standard configuration consists of 1 fixed centre panel and 2 movable panels.

Depending on the application, the panels are equipped with a 6mm or 8mm steel sheeting.

The panels are opened and closed by means of hydraulic cylinders. The panels are therefore opened and locked without any manual intervention. 

There is also the possibility of installing additional movable intermediate panels in between the movable panels and the fixed centre panel. In that case, the additional panels will have to be locked into position with the use of tie-bars. 

Customers are free to choose any panel length or height. Lengths of 10m to 15m and multiples (connected) are very popular. The stroke length of the cylinders combined with the height of the panels determines the maximum and minimum sections of the elements which can be made in a Bibat battery mould.
Anything between 600mm and 1000mm is considered to be a standard height.

The centre panel can either be open (with working platform) or closed.

To complete the range of Bibat battery moulds, there are a number of options available:

  • Fixed or modular panels, these modular panels are removable and interchangeable
  • Modular panels and corbel boxes roll sideways, suitable for all configurations
  • Recesses to cast corbels together with the columns
  • Hydraulically adjustable supports to set both the lateral position and the height and width of the bases
  • Various manual systems for adjusting the base height
  • Fixed or removable triangular chamfers at the top of the panels
  • Working platforms with access stairs at different levels

Bases can be manufactured in timber by the customer but they can also (for frequent use) be tailor-made in steel to suit the customers’ requirements.

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