Moulds for culverts and shafts

Adjustable moulds for box culverts or shafts

Construx designs different types of adjustable moulds to produce any type of shaft or box culvert

Flexbox: new type of adjustable moulds to produce any type of shaft or core without ties through the concrete element. The system is suitable to make single and double lift 
shafts, stair cores and box culverts.

Multibox: Hydraulically retractable and non-adjustable moulds for standardised box-culverts. The box culverts are cast straight up. 


Flexbox, adjustable moulds for any type of box culverts
Multibox, moulds for standardised box-culverts


Flexbox adjustable mould for shafts
Flexbox core mould
Flexbox mould for box-culverts
Flexbox mould for lift shafts, stair cores and culverts
Fixed moulds for box-culverts
Hydraulically operated adjustable culvert mould