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Mould for double wastewater treatment tanks

Manufacturer of high-end wastewater treatment systems applies to Construx for a new production line.

The new type of tank is produced with 5 different capacities: 2500L, 3000L, 3500L, 4000L and 6200L

Each mould consists of a fixed core and a removable outside form, both with 4 tapered sides. After curing, each mould is placed on the demoulding unit. This unit is suitable for all 5 types of moulds

First, the mould is clamped hydraulically, after which the element, together with the outside form, is pushed upwards. Then, the outside form is pushed away from the concrete element. Subsequently both, outside form and concrete element, are ready to be lifted off the demoulding unit. 

All hydraulic movements are carried out by means of 8 synchronised rams. Covers and divider panels are poured on separate fixed table forms.

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