Stair moulds


The production of precast concrete stairs made easy with the Construx fully hydraulically adjustable stair moulds. A manual alternative is also possible.

Horizontal or vertical cast version

The Construx hydraulically adjustable stair moulds are by far the most versatile available on the market. They come as a horizontal or a vertical cast version. The most common are the horizontal moulds. 


  • Stair moulds with fixed sizes: Vertical or horizontal stair moulds with fixed sizes for risers and goings 
  • Insertcaster: This stair mould is a side-cast type for straight flights, only one side needs to be finished by hand 
  • Flexcaster: Moulds for stairs with top and bottom landings, this formwork is suitable for producing stairs upside down (steps facing downwards) 
  • Flexcasters with hydraulic handpumps: This is an economic solution when there is no need to tilt the stair mould
  • Sidecaster: These hydraulically adjustable side-pour stair moulds are suitable to make stairs of which both top and bottom have a fair-faced finish
  • Combicaster: This type of stair mould is suitable for producing spiral winding stairs in a top-down concept 
  • Upcaster: On the ramp, stairs can be poured in their upright position


Stair moulds with fixed sizes
Insertcaster stair mould for straight flights
Flexcaster stair mould for producing stairs upside down
Flexcaster stair mould with hydraulic handpumps
Sidecaster hydraulically adjustable side-pour stair mould
Combicaster spiral stair
Upcaster stair mould


Hydraulic stair battery moulds with vibrators and heating system
Insertcaster with 2 different heights
Flexcasters for fair-faced stairs
Flexcaster stair mould with different widths
Large scale stairs manufacturing
Flexcaster stair mould for wide stairs
PLC controlled Flexcaster stair mould
Sidecaster stair mould 2m high
Sidecaster stair mould without landings
Combicaster spiral stair for residential use
Combicaster stair mould for industrial stairs
Upcaster to replace old-school ramp moulds