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Construx, Your Partner in Precast Moulds & On-Site Formwork

With over 180 motivated employees and an annual turnover of more than € 30 million, Construx has been one of Europe's leading manufacturers of precast moulds and on-site formwork since 2003

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Construx products & projects for Precast Moulds & On-Site Formwork

Preparing a catalogue like this every 3 years is a big effort but also a great opportunity to see the company’s evolution. Over the last 3 years our turnover increased by more than 50%. Our core business is still the same but our products are evolving all the time. Construx is a forerunner in the concrete industry which generates great opportunities in discovering new methods, new processes and new technologies. Designing and producing things no one has done before.

With this catalogue we want to show the evolution over the last 3 years. “Shaping the Future of Concrete” is still our baseline and the best definition of what we do, but the way of doing things changed from ingenious mechanical concepts to complex electromechanical design and advanced automation, with a greater focus on health and safety.