Construx, Your Partner in Precast Moulds and On-Site Formwork

Construx is one of Europe’s leading mould makers for precast plants and on site use. Construx is a forerunner in the concrete industry which generates great opportunities in discovering new methods, new processes and new technologies. Designing and producing things no one has done before.

“Shaping the Future of Concrete” is our baseline and the best definition of what we do, but the way of doing things changed from ingenious mechanical concepts to complex electromechanical design and advanced automation, with a greater focus on health and safety.  We have important values we want to share with our customers, employees, suppliers and all other partners. You will find these values throughout our Vision, Mission and Strategy and you will experience these values when working together with Construx.


The Construx team is having an Easter break. We wish you a Happy Easter! We remain reachable by mail at

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Market Építő Zrt., one of the major Hungarian construction companies, based in Budapest and specialised in the de- sign and construction of industrial, public, commercial, and logistic facilities, recently launched a new company in the east of Hungary. Prebeton Zrt. will assist the Market Group as a precast concrete prefabrication and rebar plant. Market Group requested Construx to design a complete package of moulds, machines and accessories to produce precast walls, rein- forced and prestressed beams, filigree slabs and stairs.

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