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Conflex circular wall formwork

Any circular wall with a minimum radius of 3m can be cast by using this adjustable and quick to fit circular shuttering system

This adjustable shuttering system is suitable to be used on every site where circular concrete walls need to be poured. Adjusting the radii is easy and simple which makes Conflex a cost-effective system. Through total quality management, in design, production and logistics, Construx guarantees a permanent high quality.

Composition of the Conflex panels:

  • Galvanized steel side profiles
  • 18mm plywood with a 220g/m² phenol coating
  • Plywood screwed from behind

Requirements of the Conflex system:

  • Rigid, solid, easy and ergonomic
  • Designed and calculated according to applicable standards
  • In-house production, controlled and certified

Specifications of the Conflex system:

  • 3 panel heights (3300mm, 2700mm and 1200mm), each with 2 widths for the inside panels (2400mm and 1260mm) as well as for the outside panels (2500mm and 1300mm)
  • Panel heights are identical to the panel heights of the Tricon panels, so nicely aligned joints will appear on the concrete surface when using Conflex and Tricon systems together
  • Panels have integrated compensation walers which serve to connect the tie bars
  • The radii can be adjusted by using the spindles on the panels
  • Accessories such as props, stop-ends and corbels can be fitted to the outside steel profiles
  • Easy superposing with the omega coupling
  • Safe working with the platform brackets connected to the omega profiles

Utilization of the Conflex formwork:

  • Connecting the panels is done with the Tricon clamps, only 3 per joint when using panels of 2700mm
  • For a wall height of 2700mm, 2 tie bars are needed in height, they go through the compensation walers
  • The Conflex lifter can serve as a foot and as a lifting eye, 1 part for 2 functions
  • The Conflex omega coupling simplifies the erection of one panel on top of another
  • The Conflex spanner serves as an additional connection in between 2 panels 
  • The Conflex 800 bracket has a quick fit system and serves to make working platforms
  • Using the Conflex prop connector, Tricon push-pull props can be fit anywhere in the slotted holes of the vertical omega profiles
  • Stop-ends are made by using Conflex tie hooks and Tricon compensation walers
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