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Mega steel panel formwork with stainless steel sheeting

The Mega system is a modular panel formwork, specially designed by Construx for on-site concrete jobs where a fair-faced finish is required or where extremely high concrete pressures occur

The panels are made of a high-quality painted steel frame and a top quality 5mm stainless steel sheeting. The sheet lies on top of the profiles so the joints between the panels are reduced to a very thin line.

Composition of the Mega panels:

  • Painted steel frame with 3,5mm profiles
  • 5mm stainless steel sheeting
  • Sheets welded from behind

Specifications of the Mega system:

  • Modular panel formwork
  • Panel thickness 120mm
  • Extremely strong and rigid
  • Fully compatible with the Tricon system
  • Large size panels
  • Limited number of parts
  • High pressure resistance, minimum 100kN/m²
  • Long life expectancy
  • Stainless although magnetic sheets

Mega panel types:

  • Identical to and compatible with the Tricon system
  • 3 heights: 3300mm, 2700mm and 1200mm
  • 7 widths: 2400mm, 1200mm, 900mm, 720mm, 600mm, 300mm and 240mm

Utilization of the Mega formwork:

  • Assembly, fitting and applications are similar to the Tricon system.
  • The Mega panels are fully compatible with the Tricon system. Tricon on one side and Mega on the other side or side by side is possible.

Requirements of the Mega system:

  • Rigid, solid, easy and ergonomic
  • Designed and calculated according to applicable standards
  • In-house production, controlled and certified


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