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Quadri adjustable column formwork

The Construx Quadri column formwork is a multifunctional hit-and-miss system for rectangular columns

Composition of the Quadri panels:

  • Galvanized and/or painted frame
  • 18mm plywood with a 220g/m² phenol coating, or stainless steel sheeting
  • Plywood screwed from behind

Requirements of the Quadri system:

  • Rigid, solid, easy and ergonomic
  • Designed and calculated according to applicable standards
  • In-house production, controlled and certified

The Construx Quadri adjustable column box has 5 important benefits:

Fair-faced finish: 

  • No ties through the concrete
  • Plywood screwed from behind


  • With the same set, column boxes can be prepared with sections from 150mm x 150mm up to 850mm x 850mm
  • Adjustable with 50mm increments
  • The heights are similar to those of the standard Tricon panels: 1200mm, 2700mm and 3300mm
  • Different column boxes can be assembled on top of each other


  • All accessories are integrated in the formwork
  • A set of 4 panels can be moved on-site in one single crane lift
  • Stacked on a truck, a complete set takes very little space

Strong and sustainable:

  • Pressure resistance of more than 80kN/m²
  • Minimum deflection
  • Long life expectancy

Made to measure possibilities:

  • Larger sections
  • Other heights
  • Stainless steel sheeting
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