Construx will grow further to become a fully vertically integrated company with  a clear focus on 4 main product groups supported by the CONSTRUX values.

 1.  Precast Moulds and Machinery
Construx wants to be the preferential partner of all precast companies for their moulds and other formwork devices. We want to install state of the art precast facilities and perfect fit made to measure moulds. We aim to build the prefabrication plants of the future.

 2.  Formwork for Civil Engineering
Construx wants to support contractors and architects in realising all our civil engineering and infrastructure projects by supplying accurate solutions.  We want to use our knowledge and skills to design an appropriate formwork for 
each individual project.

 3.  Shuttering and Scaffolding
Construx wants to be the n°1 supplier for on-site concrete jobs, with our 3 modular shuttering systems as well as with our circular shutters, column forms and scaffolds. In both rental and sales, we want to offer our customers a service based on quality and efficiency.

 4.  Tools and Equipment
Construx wants to provide specialised complementary gear for all types of formwork projects. Every piece of equipment is conceived, manufactured and tested in house.

The Construx companies will support and enhance each other in order to form a group of companies specialised in the design, production, installation and service of formwork systems.