Construx will continue to invest in the expansion of its 7 existing premises. First of all to secure their status as cornerstones of further growth and secondly as home bases of the Construx team, from where new ideas, innovations and new projects will find their way to the market.

Construx will look for acquisitions and endogenous growth to fulfill its ambition of becoming top of mind for precast and on-site formwork 
projects in Europe and abroad.

Construx wishes to establish a worldwide network of partnerships to distribute its products and in particular the 3 modular on-site shuttering systems, Tricon, Mega and Conalu.  
Construx will continue to invest in its organization to make sure all employees share our main values: Competence, Guts, Flexibility, Inventivity and Determination. 
Construx will initiate new projects and innovations in order to stay ahead in conceiving new generation moulds and formwork.