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On-site Multibats battery moulds

Precast battery moulds for the on-site prefabrication of beams and columns

To manufacture beams and columns on-site, a Multibat can be used as in a precast factory.

These battery moulds are composed of manually movable steel panels with an 18mm multiplex or a 5mm stainless steel sheeting. The movable panels are set and fit opposite to a fixed panel. Customers can choose for a setup with a fixed centre panel or a setup with a fixed end panel. The movable panels are fitted onto double steel profiles. Two of these rails are equipped with flat steel guide rails for the panels to roll on. The panels sit on wheels and are equipped with a built-in mechanism to lock and release them so they can be moved by hand.

At the bottom, the panels are closed with spindles. At the top, the panels are held into position with tie-bars.

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