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MPX - formwork for grade beams on-site

The Construx MPX is a multifunctional and modular formwork system for the on-site casting of grade beams in a quick and easy way 

The system consists of 2 shuttering panels with a steel frame and a 5mm stainless steel face which are fit opposite to each other. The panels are 1m high and available in 3 different lengths: 1,5m, 3m and 6m. Depending on the length, the panels opposite to each other are held together with 1, 2 or 3 portal clamps. These clamps have 1 fixed and 1 articulating leg. The width in between the panels is adjustable from 100mm to 800mm with 10mm increments.

This is done by inserting a tapered rigid pin in the corresponding positions of the hole patterns of both legs. The clamp is closed and secured with a tie-bar above the panels. When lifting the set of panels at its lifting lugs, the articulating leg will open automatically, thus ensuring an easy demoulding and a quick moving from one phase to the next. The standard height can be increased with a 200mm top-up panel.

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