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Swimming pool shuttering panel system

Customised full steel panels with 5mm steel sheeting which guarantees a perfectly smooth concrete surface that doesn’t require any finishing before tiles or liner are fit

A set consists of panels (1500mm or 1600mm high), adapter pieces and various accessories: 

  • Big size panels, 2500mm wide
  • Small size panels, 1000mm and 500mm wide
  • Corner panels for inner and outer corners
  • Infills of 200mm, 100mm, 50mm, 20mm and 10mm
  • Cover casing formwork panels with infills
  • Adjustable box-outs for gutters on top of the walls
  • Integrated stair moulds
  • Magnets and adapters for attaching skimmers, nozzles and lights
  • Standard accessories such as props, scaffold brackets, lifting hooks, bolts and nuts, tie-bars and wingnuts
  • Customized transport racks for the panels and bins for the accessories
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