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Hydraulic prison perimeter wall formwork

The perimeter wall of this prison is perfect for the use of a fully hydraulic and self-propelled formwork

  • Length of the wall 970m’ (2 x 325m and 2 x 160m)
  • Height of the wall including top sphere 6,4m
  • Wall thickness 280mm
  • Diameter top sphere 1m
  • Standard length of pouring phase 14,7m
  • Formwork made of 7 equal parts of 2,1m wide
  • Accentuated joints with changing positions
  • No tie-bars through the wall, only through the kicker and above the wall
  • Concrete is pumped from below with self-compacting concrete
  • Maximum deflection of 3mm over 6,4m height at a maximum concrete pressure of 160kN/m²
  • Formwork is suspended from a portal frame which can be moved hydraulically
  • Opening and closing of the formwork is carried out hydraulically
  • Width of the foundation base is 2,5m, the portal frame carries over a length of more than 15m, hence the formwork can be opened sufficiently for cleaning purposes
  • Height adjustment with jacks
  • Portal frame and formwork can be converted to lower heights

The 4 outer corners are poured first using special corner pieces. After which the formwork is suspended in the portal frame to make the straight walls.

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