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Manually movable formwork system for precast reinforced concrete beams 

This type of formwork system is also suitable for producing columns, lintels and other concrete components.

These battery moulds are composed of mobile steel panels with a 6mm steel sheeting on one or on both sides. There are also alternative sheetings: 18mm multiplex or 5mm stainless steel, both for exterior use. These movable panels are set and fit opposite to a fixed panel.

Customers can choose for a set-up with a fixed centre panel, a fixed open centre panel or a set-up with a fixed end panel.

The open centre panel set-up offers 3 major advantages:

  • The option of selecting movable panels of various heights on the different sides of the centre panel
  • From the working platform of the centre panel, the precast elements on both right and left side can easily be finished by hand
  • The battery mould is as if it was divided into 2 sections, allowing to work independently in each individual section

The fixed centre or fixed end panel set-up is the preferred choice if lack of space causes problems.

Customers can choose out of a wide variation of lengths and heights. Standard lengths vary from 6m to 16m. Standard heights vary from 750mm to 1500mm, including base thickness. 

The movable panels are fitted onto 4m, 6m or 8m long, double steel profiles. Each set of profiles is equipped with 5 feet. Other profile lengths are available. Two of these sets are equipped with flat steel guide rails for the panels to roll on. 

The panels are equipped with a built-in mechanism to roll, lock and release them so they can be moved by hand. At the bottom, the panels are closed by spindles. At the top, the panels are held into position by tie bars, they can be tied in an alternating way.  The top of the panels has a built-in timber profile between both sheets, to easily fit triangular chamfers, etc...

Construx offers a wide range of bases, stop-ends, and height adjustments. 

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