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Moulds for slotted drains and head walls

Construx supplies moulds and tilting tables for the production of head walls and drainage channels

Drainage channels made in 4 fixed moulds

Technical details of the elements made in the moulds provided by Construx:

  • Length 4m
  • Outside section 600mm x 600mm
  • Inside diameter 300mm

The outside mould consists of adjustable panels to be able to make different forms when needed. On the inside a perfectly rounded tube sits in between 2 machined end plates, forming the circular gutter. Between tube and pase plate, a series of plastic wedges serve as box-outs to create the drainage openings. The tube is pulled out by means of a winch as soon as the concrete is set. 

Culvert headwalls made on 2 tilting table

The headwalls for the big size box culverts need to be made to measure, this is done in 2 phases. Both tilting tables are 13m x 4m and have features such as adjustable side-forms, detachable sides, box magnets and extensions (to be able to make 4m large elements).

Standard headwalls for round culverts made in 3 modular moulds

These rectangular or V-shaped headwalls are made in one single pour. 

  • Width adjustable from 1600mm to 2550mm
  • Height adjustable from 1150mm to 1800mm

Thus covering the most common dimensions. 

All moulds have a cassette system so different sizes and features can be inserted. The elements are made top-down which results in a perfect finish on all sides.

Junction box moulds

These moulds are adjustable, the connections with the slotted drains can be made on all 4 sides.

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