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Formwork for piers and bridge decks

Formwork for columns, bridge piers and bridge decks for a railway line extension

Column formwork:

  • Round column box diameter 1780mm
  • Various heights with a maximum of 6,9m
  • Double row of columns without head are linked with an on-site prefabricated concrete beam with round heads

Bridge pier formwork:

  • Tapered round formwork
  • Height 8,8m, diameter at the base 1,6m, diameter at the top 2m

Bridge deck formwork:

  • 2 bridge decks length 100m and width 7,5m, prefabricated on site
  • Both bridge decks are poured in 3 phases, length 36m
  • Mould for the post-tensioning piles on top of the bridge decks
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