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Moulds and scaffolding for railway platforms

Moulds and scaffolding for railway platforms

This project in Ghent consists of 2 parts:

  • Manufacturing precast curved elements
  • On-site scaffold system to support the curved elements along with the main portal beam

The precast production consists of making 1 special and 2 standard elements per day. To accomplish this, the following formwork devices have been supplied:

  • 2 hydraulic tilting tables 8m x 3,5m
  • 2 curved superstructures to cast 3 elements, 1 x 6010mm and 2 x 3390mm
  • Removable side-forms and top-ups

On-site, a made to measure scaffold is used to support both the beams which are cast on-site and the prefabricated curved elements which are to be mounted against these beams.
Details of the beams:

  • Beam length 20,4m
  • Overall width 10,4m
  • Height to the underside of the beam 5,3m

The 2 complete scaffold sets of 20,4m’ each consist of:

  • 9 standard scaffolds
  • 2 adjustable scaffolds
  • 4 heavy duty scaffolds which remain standing after stripping, carrying the full load
  • Base forms with rubber sealants
  • Floor panels and adjustable side panels
  • Side-forms, working platforms and trolleys
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