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Formwork for tall viaduct piers

These piers are piles of a viaduct without expansion joints

Details piers:

  • Tall piles in a hyperstatic structure
  • Modular height from 7m to 17,25m
  • Thickness adjustable per 100mm from 400mm to 800mm
  • Self-compacting high performance concrete

Details formwork:

  • No tie-bars through the elements
  • Adjustable thickness with saw-tooth coupling
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the vertical parts
  • Connections between formwork and grade beam
  • Box-outs to make chamfered piles
  • Maximum concrete pressure 420kN/m²
  • Fair-faced finish: no joints, no grout loss, triangular chamfers
  • All levels equipped with working platforms
  • Wind impact engineering on all configurations
  • Foundation frames for positioning of anchors and box-outs
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