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The Netherlands

Quay wall formwork

Construx supplied 3 complete sets of formwork to cast 2300m of quay walls in the port of Rotterdam

All 3 sets are equipped with fully hydraulically operated gantry cranes with remote control. The formwork can be hydraulically moved, lifted, adjusted and opened sideways. Full steel working platforms, access stairs, handrails and lighting ensure a safe working environment.

Sea side quay

  • Total length 1200m, straight
    • Length per phase 23m
    • Number of phases 53
  • Height wall land side 7000mm
  • Height foot 1500mm / 1750mm
  • Thickness wall 2160mm / 2800mm
  • 2 sets of formwork
    • Alternating
    • 1 set for even numbers
    • 1 set for uneven numbers
    • Track width 22,65m
    • Height gantry crane 13m
    • Weight per set approx. 100T

Land side quay

  • Total length 1100m, U-form
    • Length per phase 29,39m
    • Number of phases 37
  • Height wall land side 7000mm
  • Height wall water side 2260mm
  • Thickness wall 2160mm / 2800mm
  • 1 sets of formwork
    • Track width 8,1m
    • Height gantry crane 15,23m
    • Weight per set approx. 100T
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