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Flexbox mould for box-culverts

The high demand for this type of moulds is a direct result of its flexibility, versatility and speed with which they can be assembled, demoulded and adjusted.

A Tasmanian precast company, required a 2600mm high mould to manufacture box-culverts of up to 4200mm in length and 3000mm in width, starting from a minimum inside size of 900mm x 900mm.

Construx made full steel bases and top-up inserts with half-wall rebate formers for different wall thicknesses. All these bases consisted of corner parts and straight parts, which were easy to assemble.

Combining different parts allowed to make culverts with 4 different roof and base / wall thicknesses:

  • 150mm/150mm
  • 200mm/150mm
  • 200mm/200mm
  • 250mm/200mm
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