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United Kingdom

Self-reacting carrousel moulds for tank elements

Longitudinally prestressed wall panels with a maximum length of 10m

The panels are post tensioned transversely after installation. The wall elements are made in moulds designed as carrousel beds.

Construx supplies a total of 5 moulds:

  • 4 moulds for standard elements
  • 1 mould for elements with post-tensioning fittings
  • Overall mould length 12,5m
  • Net mould length 10,5m
  • Element width 2,4m
  • Prestressing force per mould 300T

The angles of the side-forms are adjustable from 17° (tank with 11 panels, 7,7m diameter) to 2° (tank with 90 panels, 68,6m diameter).
Adjustment is done manually with four bolts per side.
Once adjusted, the supports can be opened and closed hydraulically with a hand pump.

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