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United Kingdom

Self-reacting long line system for railway sleepers

Construx supplies a 50m long 200T self-reacting mould for the production of railway sleepers.

The construction of the mould absorbs all applied prestressing forces hence there is no need for any anchoring.

Technical specifications of the mould:

  • Pouring length 50m
  • 2 lines of railway sleepers 
  • Tapered sleeper width, from 260mm to 280mm
  • Sleeper thickness 205mm
  • Random number of rail seat positions
  • Maximum 10 strands per line
  • Prestressing force 200T
  • 2 double-acting hydraulic cylinders, stroke 400mm, capacity 100T
  • Mass tensioning and detensioning
  • Hydraulic placing and removing of the horseshoe clamps
  • Side-forms open and close hydraulically

The outer formwork of the two tension lines can be opened and closed hydraulically. This is necessary, on one hand, for stripping the formwork and, on the other hand, for changing different bottom inserts, depending on the clamping positions of the rails.

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