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Adjustable mould for circular and oval rainwater tanks

This multifunctional mould is suitable to make tanks with an internal diameter of 2300mm and a maximum height of 2500mm

The 2 outside mould parts can be rolled open manually. The inside mould shrinks hydraulically. By means of a double set of tongue and groove formed bases, main parts as well as intermediate elements and top elements can be manufactured. The inside mould and the bases are adjustable in height in order to allow for a 100mm or 200mm deck and for any required height. By adding main, intermediate and top elements any overall tank height can be obtained. 

The outside mould has 4 vertical recesses to form slightly tapered straight parts for tube connections. Infills for all recesses are provided. To make the mould even more multifunctional Construx designed vertical horseshoe dividers so half tanks can be manufactured with a vertical tongue and groove connection. By adding rectangular intermediate tanks elements the customer can form long oval water collectors.

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