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Adjustable moulds for circular manholes

Manufacturing different element heights is made easy by combining a height-divisible core and a height adjustment system of the base ring.

Specifications of the manholes:

  • Internal diameter 1000mm
  • External diameter 1600mm
  • Maximum outside height 2200mm

The heart of the mould is the hydraulically retractable inner core, which is divided into 3 separate segments: 1400mm + 300mm + 300mm. As a result there are 3 different basic heights of the inner core in the mould, which produce the desired element heights in conjunction with the height-adjustable ground ring. This is to avoid the box-outs and connector plates sticking out too far above the mould, which might hinder the pouring of the concrete.

Different mould parts:

  • Hydraulically shrinkable inside mould 1400mm high
  • 2 hydraulically shrinkable top-ups 300mm high
  • Manually movable outside mould 2200mm high
  • Box-outs 22,5° and 45°
  • Connector plates
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