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Fully electrically adjustable curved mould

This adjustable curved mould is conceived for architectural precast wall panels

The 8m long and 4m wide mould has an 8mm thick, grinded and perfectly polished steel top plate in 1 single piece without joints. The plate can be bended on its 4000mm width in a concave or convex way by means of gearboxes and electrical motors. All these gearboxes and motors are operated from one single electrical cabinet in order to achieve a semi-automated adjustment of the curve. 

The mould has been designed to be fully adjustable from flat up to a minimum radius of 3m, both concave and convex. The different shapes of the mould are accomplished by means of 5 electrically driven geared motors, located in between a series of 6 omega profiles which form the linear structure of the mould. Each motor drives a line of 4 parallel mounted screw jacks which work simultaneously because they are all connected with axles and flexible couplings. Each motor can be controlled individually or simultaneously: the 2 outside motors combined and the 2 middle motors combined.

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