Moulds for special shapes and architectural concrete


For every project, Construx can help you with all kind of custom made forms and moulds for architectural concrete.


Moulds for retaining wall blocks
Moulds for motorway barriers
Moulds for green retaining wall blocks
Flood barrier moulds
Moulds for architectural flood barrier elements
Railway platform moulds
Adjustable moulds for railway platforms
Mould for dock levellers
Moulds and turning device for stable floor elements
Moulds for burial vaults and columbariums
Moulds for raker beams and terraces
Mould for octagonal radar tower segments
Moulds for prison cell walls
Moulds for light shaft elements
Moulds for tunnel segments
Fully electrically adjustable curved mould
Adjustable moulds for facade elements
Moulds for facade elements with brick inlay
Moulds for columns, beams and soffits with triangular chamfered pattern
Moulds for soffits
Moulds for soffits of a fire station
Moulds for architectural facade elements