Tables and battery moulds for walls and floors


Table forms: Tilting tables and fixed tables for one-sided fair-faced concrete walls or floors 

Spindle tables: Combination of a fixed table and a Multibat battery mould for concrete linthels and walls

Folding pallets: Hydraulic folding pallet system for the production of double walls

Twin-hinged wall battery moulds: Improving the efficiency of wall battery moulds by combining horizontal preparation with vertical pouring

Overhead wall battery moulds & Conveyor wall battery moulds: These Construx wall battery moulds are extremely suitable to prefabricate wall panels which are fair-faced on both sides


Table forms for concrete walls and floors
Spindle tables for walls and lintels
Folding pallets for the production of double concrete walls
Twin-hinged wall battery moulds
Overhead wall battery moulds
Conveyor wall battery moulds


Filigree production lines
Fixed table for filligree flooring
Tilting tables with heating
Tilting tables for fair-faced and exposed aggregate concrete walls
Tandem Tilting Tables
72 Tilting tables for industrial walls
Folding pallets for double wall production
Wall battery mould and tilting tables
Wall battery moulds for wall panels with architectural concrete finish
Wall battery mould for housing projects
Wall battery mould with 2 different heights