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Conveyor wall battery moulds

This conveyor wall battery mould operates similar as a Multibat battery mould: the panels run on floor-mounted tracks

Depending on the application, the mould is fit with a 8mm or 10mm steel sheeting in 1 single piece. The movable panels are set and fit opposite to a fixed panel. 

No ties through the concrete elements:

  • At the base, the panels are secured by means of spindles
  • At the top, the panels are held into position by tie bars
  • Hydraulic alternatives are optional

There are 4 ways to move the panels:

  • Manually, by means of a chain drive
  • Electrically, by means of winches and carriers
  • Hydraulically, with rams on the outside and a carrier system
  • Electrically, with electric motors integrated in each panel
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