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Overhead wall battery moulds

The Construx wall battery moulds are extremely suitable to prefabricate wall panels which are fair-faced on both sides

Depending on the application, they are fit with a 8mm or 10mm steel sheeting in 1 piece. The steel sheets can be up to 16m x 4,5m in 1 single piece without joint. These long and wide plates are manufactured specially for being used as formwork surfaces. They are sandblasted and polished on an automated grinding machine in order to obtain a smooth finish. The level of smoothness depends on the customers’ requirements. The customer is free to choose length, height and number of panels.
The panels of the overhead wall battery mould run on an overhead track, as being suspended from that steel structure. The overhead wall battery mould guarantees optimum user-friendliness due to the open and free working space in between the suspended panels, thus avoiding trip hazards. 

There are no ties through the concrete elements:

  • At the base, the panels are individually secured by means of tie-bars
  • At the top, the panels are held into position by tie bars, they can be tied in an alternating way
  • Hydraulic alternatives are optional

There are 3 ways to move the panels:

  • Manually, by means of a chain drive
  • Hydraulically, with rams on the outside panel and a carrier system
  • Electrically, with electric motors integrated in each panel

The movable panels are set and fit opposite to a fixed panel. Customers can choose out of 2 setups:

  • A fixed centre panel, with or without working platform
  • A fixed end panel

Each setup in combination with 1 or 2 movable end panels and a number of movable intermediate panels.

The centre panel setup offers 2 major advantages:

  • From the working platform of the centre panel, the precast elements on both right-hand and left-hand side can easily be finished by hand
  • The battery mould is as if it was divided into 2 sections, allowing to work independently in each individual section

The centre panel and the end panels are always equipped with a steel working platform with safety rails and access ladder. 

Construx offers a wide range of bases, stop-ends, height adjusters and magnets. The side and intermediate forms can be articulating in order to have them move up and backwards whilst demoulding so they don’t need to be removed. The position of the intermediate forms can be adjusted per 10mm. 

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