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Folding pallets for the production of double concrete walls

Hydraulic folding pallet system for the production of double walls 

The tables of the folding pallets can be equipped with external vibrators and can have fixed edge profiles or adjustable side-forms. 

Working procedure:

The tilting movement is accomplished via 3 bearing blocks, each which 2 hydraulic cylinders. A combination of the “pulling” and “pushing” of the 2 cylinders with each other enables the 180° movement. The contact switches and the controller operate very precisely so that an even and accurately equilibrated lifting movement is achieved.

The first half-shell of the double wall is shuttered and concreted on the table on the folding side. On the following day the fixed table is adjusted and shuttered. First of all the wall thickness of the double wall is set. To do this the fixed table is raised hydraulically and socket bolts are inserted in a defined grid into the holding mandrels for the folding side. The second half-shell is then concreted on the fixed table.

Before the 180° folding procedure, the hardened part from the previous day must be clamped to the table by means of clamping profiles with a central hydraulic clamping. The folding side is turned by 180°. In order to ensure reliable and accurate immersion in the fresh concrete on the fixed table, the upper table with the clamped half-shell is lowered vertically by 100mm. For this purpose, the folding side is manufactured as a base frame with an inner table. The inner table can now be moved vertically by means of hydraulic cylinders. Once the half-shell with its spacers has been immersed in the fresh concrete, the clamping profiles are unlocked and retracted. The upper table has to be raised vertically by 100mm again before being folded back. A contact switch monitors the position of the inner table.

Folding back can only start when the profiles have been fully retracted. The next element for the following day can now be shuttered and concreted on the empty table side that has been folded back.

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