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Tandem Tilting Tables

Tilting tables in a tandem configuration to be used together or individual

Total setup:

  • 2n° Tandem tilting tables of 10m + 1m + 10m
  • 2n° Normal tilting tables of 10m

The tandem tilting tables have a 1m long infill part which allows the 10m long tables  to be used as a 21m long tilting table. These tables can also be used individually. 

Specifications of each individual table:

  • Steel sheeting, 8mm
  • Adjustable side-forms, 200mm to 400mm
  • Triangular chamfers on table and on top of sides
  • High frequency vibrators, 8n°, with a distribution box

Overall installation:

  • 1n° Central hydraulic unit
  • 2n° LED screens
  • 2n° Remote controls
  • 1n° Central frequency converter
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