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Spindle tables for walls and lintels

A spindle table is a combination of a fixed table and a Multibat battery mould 

It is a multipurpose investment and provides a flexible method to cast walls and lintels as well as beams and columns. 

The idea behind a spindle table is to have panels sitting on a table which is equipped with runners on its 2 short sides to enable the panels to roll along on wheels fitted on the outside of the panels. The panels are equipped with the Multibat built-in spindle-mechanism to lock and release them so they can be moved by hand.

The top of the panels has a wooden profile between both sheets to easily fit triangular chamfers. At the bottom, the panels are held into position by spindles. At the top, the panels are connected by tie-bars, they can be tied in an alternating way. 

Walls and lintels are cast directly onto the table, without using the movable panels in any way.

Beams and columns are cast in between the movable panels. In this setup, a strip of plywood cut at the correct width serves as base and spacer.

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