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Twin-hinged wall battery moulds

Improving the efficiency of wall battery moulds by combining horizontal preparation with vertical pouring 

The concept is a set of twin-hinged panels which can be opened and closed by pivoting around an axle.

The configuration of the twin hinged wall battery mould as shown on the design:

  • 1n° Fixed outside panel with working platforms at one end
  • 1n° Moveable outside panel with working platforms at the other end
  • 3n° Twin-hinged panels
  • 2n° Double-sided Intermediate panels

Both the twin-hinged panels and the intermediate panels roll on rails and can be moved manually by means of a chain drive or electrically with motors integrated in each intermediate panel. The intermediate panels can be connected to the twin-hinged panels in order to carry them back and forth on the rails. After unlocking, each twin hinged panel can be lowered and opened by means of an overhead crane, creating two perfectly horizontal table forms on which the bases and stop-ends can be fixed.

After fitting the inserts and oiling the surface, the reinforcement can be prepared and secured. All these actions are carried out as easy as if working on a tilting table. When both sides of the twin-hinged panel are ready, the panel can be lifted and closed again into its upright position. The intermediate panels only need to be cleaned and oiled, they serve as a double sided formwork in between two twin-hinged panels.

Reducing the time spent working at heights shows that this twin-hinged wall battery mould meets with recent health and safety precast production regulations.

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