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Fully adjustable hydraulic mould for modular garages

The advantage of this garage formwork is the wide variety of adjustment possibilities

Following inside dimensions are all continuously adjustable:

  • Width from 2,5m to 4m
  • Length from 6m to 9,8m
  • Height from 2m to 3m

In the 1st stage, both walls are poured on 2 parallel tilting tables. The distance between the tables is continuously adjustable by means of 2 hydraulic rams. The synchronised tilting of both tables places the 2 walls exactly at the required position. 

In the 2nd stage, the formwork for the roof is rolled in between the 2 walls. The garage roof is poured on a modular decking system which is hydraulically adjustable in width. The hydraulic height adjusters, together with the hydraulic deck give way when demoulding so the complete decking system can be rolled out through the garage door. 

The garage floor is poured in the 3rd stage.

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