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Adjustable mould for pouring electric substations upside-down

This new mould for substations is fully hydraulically and electrically adjustable


  • Inside length: from 3980mm to 6980mm, with 600mm increments
  • Inside width: from 2780mm to 3980mm, with 600mm increments
  • Inside height: from 3200mm and 3400mm, steplessly adjustable
  • Wall thickness: from 100mm to 220mm, with 20mm increments
  • Floor thickness: 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 200mm or 250mm

The outside mould has 3 hydraulically movable panels, the fourth panel can be moved over 3000mm by means of an electric motor reducer. When demoulding, all panels can be moved backwards over 900mm, which allows for cleaning and preparing the mould.

The inside mould has a fixed part and a movable part with modular longitudinal intermediate parts (1 of 600mm and 2 of 1200mm), these can be fit in individually or together. The width of the complete inside mould can be adjusted with one single hydraulic movement.

The width of the longitudinal intermediate parts can be prepared on beforehand, in order to speed up the adjustment of the mould.

When demoulding, first the inside corners are pulled down hydraulically after which the wall panels are pulled down hydraulically, this leaves an 8mm opening on all sides.

All hydraulic rams and electric motor reducers are controlled by means of a PLC with touchpad which also shows the workflow graphics.  Vibrating the elements is done with 28 high frequency vibrators.

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