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Sidecaster hydraulically adjustable side-pour stair mould

These hydraulically adjustable side-pour stair moulds are suitable to make stairs, with or without landings, of which both top and bottom have a fair-faced finish

The mould consists of 2 parts which sit on a frame on which a height adjustment system supports the timber soffit.

The front side of the Construx Sidecaster has 2 hydraulic movements:

  • Synchronised adjustment of risers
  • Synchronised adjustment of goings

The back side of the mould is a full steel flat panel which can be manually adjusted sideways and back and forth. The side movement allows to put the panel at its right position in order to connect with the opposite panel and the start of the landing panel. The transverse movement allows to demould and to open the mould by 700mm in order to take out the stairs, clean and oil the mould and put in the reinforcement. Both movements are carried out by means of rollers, a mechanic chain drive and a drive wheel.

Adjusting both landing panels is done with synchronized high precision spindles.

The top landing panel is moveable in order to be able to make stairs with different numbers of steps. Both sides of the mould have full steel working platforms with access stairs on both ends. The height adjusters can be fitted onto the base frame and support the timber + plywood soffit which needs to be cut to measure by the customer. After the mould and its landing panels are adjusted, all panels need to be secured by means of ties, underneath and over the top of the panels.


The standard vertical mould is suitable to produce stairs according to following specifications:

  • Number of steps adjustable from 1 to 16/18/20/22/24
  • Maximum width 1500mm or 2000mm
  • Risers adjustable from 150mm to 200mm
  • Goings adjustable from 200mm to 320mm
  • Throat depth adjustable from 120mm to 250mm
  • Fronts: straight, cut-back, cut-back with nose or all 3 combined
  • Maximum top and bottom landing length: 1500mm or 2000mm
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