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Combicaster spiral stair

This type of stair mould is suitable for producing spiral winding stairs in a top-down concept 

The mould consists of a number of panels which can be used in either direction. 

On one side, they feature a straight timber profile on which strips of 18mm plywood can be nailed. On the other side they feature a steel cut-back which requires the use of magnetic triangular chamfers. 

The goings are adjustable between 155mm and 195mm or between 160mm and 200mm.

The magnetic chamfers can overlap a maximum opening of 40mm.

The panels must be stacked onto each other, clamped together and propped. 

A standard package consists of:

  • 1 base panel 1800mm wide x 1500mm deep
  • 14 panels 1800mm wide x 1000mm deep
  • 6 panels 2200mm wide x 1000mm deep
  • 14 magnetic chamfers 1300mm long
  • 6 magnetic chamfers 1800mm long
  • 15 steel box magnets with flange, 1000kg force
  • All propping and anchoring accessories

All panels can be used either in a straight line, in a left turn or in a right turn. This combined with the fact that the panels can be used both for straight steps and for cut-back steps ensures that the Combicaster is an extremely profitable and highly versatile winding stair mould. 

As the panels are so wide, there is sufficient space to work next to the stairs on the panels, and this means that all actions can be completed safely and rapidly.

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