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Insertcaster stair mould for straight flights

This stair mould is a side-cast type for straight flights, only one side needs to be finished by hand 

It is a fully equipped side-cast stair mould, including adjustable landing panels, landing inserts and additional tables.

The stair mould  has 1 fixed centre panel and 2 movable outside panels, all 3 with working platforms. In order to easily gain access to the fixed centre panel, access stairs have been fitted at both ends. These stairs can easily be removed if they are in the way for producing a flight with a bottom landing. The base of the mould is 9m in length and the overall length (including landing panels) is 12m. Both sides of the centre panel have an open structure, which can be used as a base to fix  steel or timber inserts. Inserts of all different features have been made to fit in this mould, as there are: straight steps, steps with cut-back, steps with cut-back and nose. Most of these inserts include a landing insert. 

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