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Flexcasters for fair-faced stairs

Installation of 2 identical stair moulds with 24 steps

Both adjustable stair moulds are 1500mm wide and feature 24 steps, which means that they can be used to pour several smaller flights at the same time. The goings are adjustable between 200mm and 320mm and the risers are adjustable between 150mm and 200mm. 

The moulds are equipped with a hydraulically adjustable bottom landing panel and a top landing panel sitting on a carriage. In addition, the moulds come with an extra top landing panel that can be fitted anywhere against a step, without the need to remove any steps. 

The fronts of the steps are articulating and have a support plate which falls back 18mm, incorporating timber blocks and magnets. Both moulds are equipped with a hydraulic tilting device and an extra collapsible working platform on the non-tilting side of the mould.


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