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Upcaster stair mould

On the ramp, stairs can be poured in their upright position 

The stairs are being made as they are going to be installed on site. The solid structure, which is adjustable in height, supports and levels the top landing panel and ensures a stable working environment and an easy adjustment of the mould. All movements are carried out by means of electric motors, spindles and chain-drives. All required positions of the different parts can be set in a quick and precise manner. The bottom landing panel is kept perfectly levelled at all times. Due to its large width, the mould is suitable to produce extremely wide stairs or 2 stairs side by side.

Technical specifications

  • Length of the ramp 6m (or more)
  • Most common widths: between 2,5m and 4,0m
  • Most common lengths of the landing panels: between 2,5m and 3,0m
  • Angle adjustable from 24° to 43°
  • Any other dimension possible
  • Side-forms to be made in timber
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